Divine Energy International 

Welcome to Divine Energy International, we are a membership body for practitioners and teachers of Divine Energy Healing (DEH) and other approved International Association of Therapists (IAOTH) energy healing systems.

We aim to maintain the integrity and essence of the Energy Healing modalities we encompass, by monitoring training standards and supporting both Practitioners and Master Teachers and also providing a public information platform.

Our Vision

A World Where Divine Energy Is For All 

Our Mission 

Divine Energy International holds space for practitioners who ascribe to our values, to share divine energy for the highest good of all.

Our Values

      • Unity 
      • Integrity   
      • Transparency 
      • Inclusivity 
      • Quality   

Our Energy Healing Modalities

Divine Energy Healing (DEH) is an attunement based energy healing system channelled by Crystal Rose Addison in 2019.  It was accredited as a healing modality in early 2020 by the International Institute of Therapists (IOATH).  The training and manuals reflect National Occupational Standards for Healing.  

The system can be taught both in-person and online and includes hands-on, distant and optional crystal healing components.

There are three levels of training and practice:

    • Level 1 – Divine Healer – healing for self, family, friends and pets. 
    • Level 2 – Divine Heart – the practitioner level course preparing students to work with the public.
    • Level 3 – Apprentice Master Teacher and Divine Teacher are the Master Teacher levels. 

Our Divine Energy Healing Family is growing daily and you will find Practitioners and Master Teachers in several countries and continents.

About Us

Divine Energy International has applied for registration to the Charities Commission of England & Wales as a Charity.

The organisation is managed by a group of dedicated volunteers, a Board of Trustees who meet monthly, supported by Crystal Rose Addison who acts as Executive Director.


Membership Information

We have four levels of membership: 

  • Friend 
  • Divine Heart (Level 1)
  • Divine Healer Practitioner (Level 2)
  • Divine Teacher (Level 3)

Each level will have different benefits as detailed below. 

Friends of DEI 

♥ Quarterly e-newsletter  

♥ Access to a Friends & Family Facebook Group and open healing events. 

Level 1 Membership: 

Friend benefits plus:

♥ Being able to contribute to a moderated open forum our supportive global network of Divine Energy therapists. With a say on Facebook polls.  

♥ Free Online Training Events. 

♥ Annual Zoom Conference invitation. 

No Search

Level 2 Practitioner: 

Level 1 benefits plus: 

♥ A listing in the online Practitioner Directory. 

♥ A Digital Annual Membership Certificate & Card 

♥ Access to privileged insurance rates negotiated with a leading insurer 

♥ Use of Divine Energy International Practitioner Logo

A mini-bio on the approved Divine Energy International Practitioner Directory

Level 3 Master Teacher: 

Level 1 and 2 benefits plus: 

♥ A mini-bio on the approved Divine Energy International Master Teacher directory 

♥ Advertising your own events on the Divine Energy International website (subject to approval) 

♥ Access to offer free or paid CPD online workshops delivered to the Divine Energy International  membership, subject to application 

♥ An invitation to attend our Annual Conference on Zoom and to apply to be a presenter. 

♥ Use of the approved Divine Energy International Master Teacher Logo. 

(Shows up as a practitioner as well. )

Website or Facebook page

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