Membership Information

We have four levels of membership: 

  • Friend 
  • Divine Heart (Level 1)
  • Divine Healer Practitioner (Level 2)
  • Divine Teacher (Level 3)

Each level will have different benefits as detailed below. 

Friends of DEI 

♥ Quarterly e-newsletter  

♥ Access to a Friends & Family Facebook Group and open healing events. 

Level 1 Membership: 

Friend benefits plus:

♥ Being able to contribute to a moderated open forum our supportive global network of Divine Energy therapists. With a say on Facebook polls.  

♥ Free Online Training Events. 

♥ Annual Zoom Conference invitation. 

No Search

Level 2 Practitioner: 

Level 1 benefits plus: 

♥ A listing in the online Practitioner Directory. 

♥ A Digital Annual Membership Certificate & Card 

♥ Access to privileged insurance rates negotiated with a leading insurer 

♥ Use of Divine Energy International Practitioner Logo

A mini-bio on the approved Divine Energy International Practitioner Directory

Level 3 Master Teacher: 

Level 1 and 2 benefits plus: 

♥ A mini-bio on the approved Divine Energy International Master Teacher directory 

♥ Advertising your own events on the Divine Energy International website (subject to approval) 

♥ Access to offer free or paid CPD online workshops delivered to the Divine Energy International  membership, subject to application 

♥ An invitation to attend our Annual Conference on Zoom and to apply to be a presenter. 

♥ Use of the approved Divine Energy International Master Teacher Logo. 

(Shows up as a practitioner as well. )

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