Angela Medway-Smith

Angela trained as a healer and intuitive over thirty-five years ago with Betty Balcombe, teaching for the first time in Australia in 1990. Alongside this Angela occupied Senior Management positions in the Corporate and Charity Sectors running teams of up to 330 staff in country-wide contexts, occupying roles such as Charity Director and Company Secretary for over thirty years.

Angela currently lives with her family in Wales, working as a channel for spirit and teaching healing and spiritual development.  As Cariad Spiritual she conducts accredited training for a number of energy healing bodies, runs workshops, circles, and retreats online and in-person in the UK and Worldwide; Having taught in Wales and the West Country, London, Greece, Italy, the Caribbean, and Australia. 

She is also a spiritual author of a channelled book named ‘The Book of Many Colours: Awaken your Souls Purpose with the Divine Rays. Angela is the co-author of several Amazon number 1 Best Sellers.